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3 Boxes Fruta Planta slimming pills.If you’re determined to cut the unwanted weight, you have to figure out the basic reason why you get fat at first. Usually metabolism and appetite are the two most common causes of obesity, but you can entirely remove the spare tire and thunder thighs by taking Fruta Planta slimming capsule. This product is good at burning the excessive fat around your waist, abdomen, hip, etc. You can lose weight while have higher energy level. You won’t have any side effects.

Fruta Planta will play its effect 2 hours after taking; it reduces the fat absorption and accelerates the decomposition of grease, targeted convert the fat into heat, stop the new fat from forming and consume accumulated fat

Main Ingredients:
Lemon, Bitter Melon, Papaya, Benefit fruit, and Spirulina Maxima, Fruit Gum

Specification: 400mg*30 Capsules/Pack
Usage and dosage: Fruta Planta one capsule before breakfast with boiled water, one day one capsule.
Precaution: Children, pregnant woman and patients who have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus or kidney disease etc can't take this product, don't use it along with other medicines
Supervising Manufacturer: Guangzhou Yanxiang Biology Technology Development Co.,Ltd

Customers Reviews

5 Stars ( Total 9 Reviews)
No side effect by Leona Santiago
I have been on the fp pills a little over 3 weeks. I have lost 8lbs and with no side effects. I have notice that in the past few days I don't get as thirsty as I used to but the appetite is still suppressed

They really works by Janice Rios
I recommend this pills, they really work on me, i started with weight 177 and today i weigh 1 am 161, in a month and a half i lost almost 16lbs and one more thing with no workout lol, i know if i do some workout i can get better slimming effect but i really don’t like exercise...

They work great! by Patty Love
i lost 20 lbs in 45 days they are good!!!To everyone who is taking this pill, you need to eat normal to keep your metabolism go normal and it is better to do some workout to make the pills work better, i don’t have side effect as i drink a lot of water

They work for me by Maggie Mills
They are working for me now, I felt really rundown and tired at the very beginning, i insist as a friend did get success with the pills, thanks goodness the body seems to have adjusted to it now and I don’t have any discomfort except the dry mouth now, give it more time if you are in the same situation lol, good luck

Love this Fruta planta! by Angelina Lowe
Love this Fruta planta! and would like to strongly recommend them! A friend recommend it to me and I have taken them for a month with 6kgs down! I am 85kg and trying to get down to 65kg, just hope the pills will continue the effect :)

Love them by Gladys Logan
Love them! I am losing weight with their help, my stomach is flatter now, my starting weight was 71kg and I am now 65kg after a month, i am very willing to recommend it :)))

AWESOME by Leslie Rose
I lost 22lbs in wks n experienced no side effects, All my baby fat is gone, it is awesome product

Amazing by Lindsay Harrington
I have been taking them for 4 months! I lost 20 pounds the first 2 months! WOW~ In ALL my problem areas!!I was literally killing myself at the gym! I went from 150 or so to now weighing 110! i am now maintaining my weight taking one every other day sometimes every 2 days.=) AND IM NOT EXERCISING! I just dont eat as much. I feel full and i never get hungry! This is absolutely amazing! I not only look better, i FEEL better!=)

so far so good by Tabitha Arnold
i'm taking fruta planta only 3 days now and so far no side effects, appetite is suppressed and i take much less foods than i used to, i haven't yet weighed myself but i will do once a week.